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I don't want to become a celebrity via social media: Saurabh Agarwal


Author : Indo Asian News Service

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Mumbai, Nov 30 (IANS) 'Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha' actor Saurabh Agarwal doesn't believe in becoming a social media celebrity.

Asked if he feels social media has revolutionised our life and lifestyle, Saurabh said, "No I don't think so and that's for me personally. I always took it as a virtual world. I always believe in making things real and I clearly see the difference between the virtual and real. So I always see that it doesn't get onto my nerves. Yes, the revolution has happened in a way that has made the world smaller and well connected."

People follow celebrities and emulate them, especially via social media so it is a huge responsibility, but not everyone takes it seriously.

"Emulating celebrities was always there, even before social media, and to add, it was a far bigger urge because celebrities were hardly seen. But due to social media, they are now very easily accessible. Responsibility is always there because you become a role model. People look up to you. So yes, my view is one should be serious about their responsibilities and conduct," he said.

The number of followers has become an obsession with almost every person. "If you take the virtual world to be real then yes that becomes very true and neurotic. You will lose your peace sooner or later. I faced this some years back and it became very common. Before finalising the cast, my producers were asking actors to give them the list of the number of followers one has on Instagram and Facebook. This is so cynical. Actors were literally purchasing the followers to get work. So understanding this, now they have put a full stop to this trend," he said.

The world of social media is fake, everyone says so but at the same time everyone wants attention on social media, but his idea is "not to become a celebrity via social media. Let your work speak volumes then people shall get connected to you automatically."



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