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Historical Event:
Dr. Rajkumar Varma, famous Hindi journalist and playwright, died.  on 10/5/1990

Dr. Rajkumar Varma, famous Hindi journalist and playwright, died.

Other Historical Dates and Events
8/7/1887Kasturi Shriniwas Iyengar, politician and journalist, was born.
1/2/2000Surya Sekar Ganguly (Goodricke National Academy) wins the Junior National chess championship in Sivakasi.
8/8/1942'Britishers Quit India', this resolution was announced in public at Bombay Congress Session. This resolution was passed by All Indian National Congress Committee and Gandhiji gave the 'Do or Die' call for Independence struggle.
8/28/1993President's rule in J&K extended for another six months.
3/24/1990Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) was withdrawn in toto from the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.
3/9/1931The Tories decide not to attend future round table talks on India in London.
4/20/1960Pannalal Ghosh, famous flute player, passed away.
8/25/1917The first significant step towards the Indianization of the Army was initiated when seven selected Indians, serving in the Army, were granted King's Commission in the Infantry and the Cavalry. Before the World War ended, two more Indians, who previously held temporary commissions, were granted King's Commission.
5/30/196269 killed in a bus crash near Ahmedabad.
11/29/1959Govind Sakharam Serdesai, Jagirdar Raobahadur, passed away.