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Historical Event on 10/5/1990

Dr. Rajkumar Varma, famous Hindi journalist and playwright, died.

Other Historical Dates and Events
3/10/1959Mukundrao Ramarao Jaikar, great freedom fighter and famous lawyer, passed away.
12/12/1992The world's largest monolithic granite statue of Lord Buddha, weighing 350 tonnes, placed on the 'Rock of Gibraltar' in the midst of Hussain Sagar lake in Hyderabad.
1/29/1976Parliament approves permanent government and censorship of newspapers at New Delhi.
6/24/1991Pranab Mukherjee appointed Dy. Chairman of the Planning Commission.
1/2/1987Dr. Harekrushna Mahtab, great industrialist, leader and former Chief Minister of Orissa, died.
1/26/1982Meera Behn (Medlin Slade) freedom fighter, and Gandhin by thought awarded 'Padma Vibhushan'.
1/26/1982Banka Mahar, 'bhagwatbhakt', passed away by taking Samadhi.
4/23/1858Pandita Ramabai, social reformer and philosopher, was born in the State of Mysore.
8/11/1893First Hindu-Muslim riots in Maharashtra.
10/11/1991Resident Editor of Nagpur Times Ramnarayan Dube assassinated.