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Historical Event:
Girijakumar Mathur, famous modern Hindi poet, was born.  on 8/22/1919

Girijakumar Mathur, famous modern Hindi poet, was born.

Other Historical Dates and Events
1/27/199455 miners, trapped inside New Kenda Colliery of Eastern Coal Fields, die.
8/28/1976Second World Hindi Conference held in Mauritius.
2/5/1919Sitaram Kesri, veteran Congress leader, was born.
6/19/1949People of Chandernagar, the French Indian Settlement, decided to merge with the Indian Union.
4/14/1990Over 90 persons killed in an Airbus crash in Bangalore.
6/4/1959Chakravarti Rajagopalachari opposed the Socialist Policies of Indian National Congress and founded Swatantra Party alongwith Ranga.
7/26/1891Rajendralal Mitra (Raja), famous Bengali ancient researcher, passed away.
1/1/1932Publication of Marathi Newspaper 'Sakal' started.
11/25/1995The four-states of Gujarat, Goa, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh proposes trade bloc for western States (Western Regional Cooperation).
7/21/1984Terrorists breach Bhakra canal in Punjab.