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Historical Event on 8/18/1911

Adityanath Jha, former Governor of Delhi, was born.

Other Historical Dates and Events
2/24/1948The State of Junagarh, whose accession to India was protested by Pakistan in the UN Security Council, voted in favour of India in a popular referendum held on 20 February.
4/26/1762Shyam Shastri, musician and a great artist of India, was born at Tiruvarur.
10/14/1885Mukandi Lal, famous Hindi writer, was born in Chamoli at U.P.
11/3/1929Dr. Hemant Vishnu Inamdar, thesis writer and editor, was born.
4/12/1801William Carey fort was appointed the Professor of Bengali Language in fort at William College, Calcutta.
6/18/1918A. R. Rajrajvarma, famous poet of Malayalam language, critic and master of grammer, passed away.
12/4/1940Khurshid Novrojee, freedom fighter, was arrested for not giving prior intimation to go in tribal area. She had founded Gujarat, Kathiwad and Bombay Presidency ""Women Voluntary Amry"".
2/4/1909Narayan Dattatreya Sane, two test cricket umpire 1959-60, left-hand opening batsman and fast bowler, was born at Vidarbha.
1/5/1988India's first indigenously built 'Braille' script released short hand machine for the blind.
4/20/1960Pannalal Ghosh, famous flute player, passed away.