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Historical Event:
Adityanath Jha, former Governor of Delhi, was born.  on 8/18/1911

Adityanath Jha, former Governor of Delhi, was born.

Other Historical Dates and Events
1/1/1991Bhanu Pratap Singh, Karnataka Governor, resigns. Goa governor Khurshid Alam Khan appointed in his place.
1/29/1870'Hicleche Bengal Gazette' newspaper published in India.
9/14/1933Gandhi declares one-year moratorium on civil disobedience in India.
7/12/1996Bail granted to Harshad Mehta, prime accused in the securities scam.
3/3/1924Mustafa Kamal Attaturk abolished the caliphate and established a nationalist government and thus Khilafat Movement ended without achieving its aim.
1/26/1927Laxman Madhav Katre, former Indian Air Chief Marshall, was born.
4/29/1998The Reserve Bank reduces the bank rate by one point from 10 per cent in its monetary and credit policy for the first half of 1998- 99.
11/27/1962Britain agreed to supply arms to India.
9/12/1934Shantakumar Jagannath Sharma was born in Garhjamula, Distt. Kangra (Himachal Pradesh).
12/4/1919Inderkumar Gujral, former Prime Minister of India, was born at Jhelum (Pakistan).