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Historical Event on 7/28/1909

Brahmanand Reddi Kasu, politician, was born at Madras.

Other Historical Dates and Events
4/3/1992Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL), a subsidiary of Coal India Limited (CIL), was formed.
7/21/1962Passenger Train and Freight Train collided near Dumraon killing 69 persons.
2/22/1993Vinod Kambli scores 224 vs England at Bombay in 411 balls and smashes 23 fours.
10/30/1977Demonstrators and police clash in Madras as Indira Gandhi tours the country.
7/10/1998India says it wont sign the CTBT unconditionally and invites Pakistan to join in disarmament efforts.
7/2/1999Sahara India, sponsor of the Sahara Cup annual cricket series between India and Pakistan in Canada, withdrew sponsorship in view of the Kargil conflict.
5/18/1772Janoji Bhosle, warrior in Peshwa kingdom, passed away.
2/19/1861Rani Rashmoni, great nationalist, who compelled the British to abolish the tax imposed on fishing in the river, ingeniously blocking the trade and commerce on the part of Ganges, passed away.
1/2/2000Sarat Chandra Chatterjee, author of timeless classics 'Charitraheen' and 'Grihadaha', chosen novelist of the century in an online poll conducted by a literary magazine.
2/4/1973India's then biggest commercial ship merchant fleet 88,000 DWT super tanker ""Jawaharlal Nehru"" commenced its services for the Nation.