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Historical Event:
Prabhakar G. Surur (93) died in Mumbai.  on 5/26/2000

Prabhakar G. Surur (93) died in Mumbai.

Other Historical Dates and Events
6/10/1928Papan Ramchand Panjabi, cricket test umpire for 7 tests from 1978-81, was born in Mumbai.
5/24/1933Hemchandra Tukaram Dani, cricketer (Test Ind vs Pak, 1-19, ct 1, DNB), was born in Dudhani, Maharashtra.
10/12/1991Sonia Gandhi declineed to contest from Amethi.
12/19/1952Nehru announces the Government's decision for establishing an Andhra State, constituting Telugu speaking areas of the State of Madras, excluding the city.
7/21/1999Bansi Lal, Haryana Chief Minister, quits before seeking a trust vote; and rebels form a separate party.
11/12/1762Peshwa surrendered in Battle of Alegaon.
1/21/1983R. D. Katari, the first Indian Admiral of Indian Army, passed away.
8/15/1949Chandernagore joins the Indian Union. Panchayati Raj inaugurated in 114,000 villages.
2/8/1872Lord Mayo, Viceroy of India, was assassinated by prisoner Sher Ali during his visit to Andaman Islands.
8/6/1992A 30-member JPC constituted to probe the security scam.