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Historical Event on 5/26/2000

In a significant development, the Government decides to allow disinvestment up to 60 per cent equity of Air India.

Other Historical Dates and Events
7/4/1992Sanskrit made a compulsory subject from sixth to intermediate classes in Uttar Pradesh.
6/18/1901Ramchandra Bhikaji Gunjikar, Marathi novelist and editor, passed away.
7/7/1901J. Watsan Harod started a branch of Gramophone Company at Calcutta.
2/11/1993Andhra Naxalites release four out of six hostages.
7/3/1863Little Crow, [Ta-oya-te-duta], santee Sioux Indian chief, passed away.
9/20/1856Narayan Guru was born in Chempazhanthi village of Kerala. Sri Narayan Guru was a social reformer, led reform movement in Kerala, rejected casteism, and promoted new values of spiritual freedom and social equality. He also stressed the need for the spiritual and social uplift of the downtrodden by their own efforts through the establishment of temples and educational institutions. In the process, he denounced the superstitions that clouded the fundamental Hindu cultural convention of caste.
10/11/1984Khanderao M. Rangnekar, cricketer (33 runs at 5.50 for India), died
4/23/1929The Fate of the Outlaw', a 7-reel film produced by Majestic Film Co. was prohibited by the Board of Censors, Bombay, on April 23 on the grounds that the film glorifieds crime.
1/20/1949Junagarh formally merged with Saurashtra.
12/30/1935Lord Reading, former Viceroy and Governor General of India, died at the age of 76 at UK.