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Historical Event on 5/26/1957

Janta Insurance Scheme was inaugurated in Bombay.

Other Historical Dates and Events
6/23/1984An Air-India jumbo jet plunged into the Atlantic Ocean near Ireland today, killing all 329 people on board. Indian officials said the crash apparently was caused by a bomb placed aboard the jetliner by a Sikh extremist group as retaliation for an army raid.
3/27/1989T. N. Seshan was appointed as the Cabinet Secretary of India. He held this office till 23-12-1989.
7/7/1896The premier show of the 'Marvel of the Century', first cinema show India, arranged by the Representatives of French Lumiere brothers- Louis and August Lumiere, was held at Watson Hotel in Bombay. The regular shows, however, started from July 14, 1896 at the Novelty Theatre. This show advertisment appeared in the 'Times of India', carrying details of a film show to be held for the first time on Indian soil.
4/24/1974Ramdhari Singh alias 'Dinkar', veteran famous Hindi writer and poet, passed away.
4/30/1888Hailsones kill 246 in Moradabad.
7/29/1884Tyagraj Paramshiv Kailasam, leading playwright of Kannad language, was born.
8/26/1914Bengali revolutionaries looted 46,000 bullet ammunition and pistols from Calcutta Port for their revolutionary activities.
2/11/199912 dalits are shot by the Ranbir Sena in Narayanpar village in Bihar.
10/18/1992Zimbabwe's first Test match vs India at Harare.
3/5/1948C. Rajagopalachari appointed the first Indian Governor General to succeed Lord Mountbatten on 21 June.