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Historical Event:
First ever trade agreement with Pakistan.  on 5/26/1948

First ever trade agreement with Pakistan.

Other Historical Dates and Events
9/9/1952Kishorlal Ghanshamlal Mashruwala, great thinker and philosopher of Gandhi era, passed away.
6/15/1659Aurangzeb was declared as the Emperor of India at Red Fort Delhi.
1/27/1984First unit of Atomic Energy Production Centre started at Kalpakkam.
4/13/1772Warren Hastings, who became the president of their Bengal Council, was appointed in the court of Directors of the East India Company.
5/18/1966Panchanan Maheshwari, great Indian scientist of botany, passed away. He studied the morphology, anatomy and embryology of some angiosperms, the class of plants which produce flowers. He discovered species of plants like ""Panchanania Jaipuriensis and Isoeted Panchananil."" He wrote two authoritative books, 'An Introduction to the Embryology of Angiosperms' & 'Recent Advances in Embryology on Angiosperms'. In 1951, he founded the International Society of plant Morphologists.
11/9/1997Film Federation of India chooses Malayalam film 'Guru' as official entry for Oscar awards.
4/5/1993G. V. Iyer's Sanskrit film 'Bhagavad Geeta was adjudged the best film at the National Film Awards.
9/14/1992Three days of heavy rains cause flooding in northern India and Pakistan claiming 2,500 lives.
12/23/1977Harvinder Singh, great Indian ODI pace-bowler (1997), was born.
6/10/1832Edwin Arnold, English writer (Light of India), was born.