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Historical Event:
Gandhiji considers 'Plan' the best document produced by British Government under the circumstances.  on 5/26/1946

Gandhiji considers 'Plan' the best document produced by British Government under the circumstances.

Other Historical Dates and Events
5/28/199613-day-old BJP-led minority coalition govt. headed by A.B. Vajpayee quits at the end of a two-day debate on a motion of confidence.
10/14/1930The Flag of Freedom' or 'Swaraj Toran' a feature film produced by Prabhat Film Co.Kolhapur was prohibited by the Censor Board on October 14, 1930 on the grounds that it was objectionable in the existing political situation. The film, however, was cleared only after deleting certain portions and the title changed to 'Udaykal'.
9/26/1992Indian Airlines hike fare by 9 percent.
4/15/1927Abha Gandhi, servant to Gandhi, was born.
11/6/1998Koneru Humpy wins the World under-12 girls' chess title in Oropesa del Mar, Spain. Azharuddin becomes the highest run-getter (displacing Desmond Haynes, 8648 runs) in LOI history in the Coca Cola cup, Sharjah.
1/1/1909Dattaram Dharmaji Hindlekar, cricketer (Indian batsman & wicket-keeper 1936-46), was born in Bombay.
1/20/1997The third Test between India and South Africa ends in a draw in Johannesburg.
1/20/1997Saint Visoba Khechar, was the yogi-guru of the Varkari poet-saint Namdev of Maharashtra, took Samadhi.
7/27/1889Branch of Indian National Congress, 'British India Committee' , was established under the leadership of Dadabhai Navroji.
3/11/1886Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi became the first Indian lady doctor. She passed the MBBS degree from Philadelphia University of America.