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Historical Event:
Vilasrao Dagdojirao Deshmukh, leader in Maharashtra, was born.  on 5/26/1945

Vilasrao Dagdojirao Deshmukh, leader in Maharashtra, was born.

Other Historical Dates and Events
4/9/1993Lt. Gen. B.C. Joshi to be the next army chief.
6/23/1958Tamil leaders in Madras call on Nehru to lobby for better treatment of Ceylon's Tamil minority.
5/17/1995Three North Eastern States removes restricted area permits (RAP).
2/7/1990Krishan Kant became the Governor of Andhra Pradesh till 21/08/1997.
12/25/1771Shah Alam II sat on the Throne of Dehli. Marathas captured Delhi and induced Shah Alam to return to Delhi after an absence of 18 years from the captial.
8/8/1968Abey Kuruvila, cricketer (promising Bombay fast bowler), was born in Mannar.
11/1/1902Alwar Iyengar Jaggu, famous Hindi writer and professor, was born at Chatra Ghosham.
11/22/1967Tara Singh, freedom fighter, Akali Dal leader master and politician, died at Amritsar.
8/11/1922Manmohan Krishna, famous actor, was born.
2/5/1992D.D. Lapang takes over as the new CM of Meghalaya.