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Historical Event:
Vilasrao Dagdojirao Deshmukh, leader in Maharashtra, was born.  on 5/26/1945

Vilasrao Dagdojirao Deshmukh, leader in Maharashtra, was born.

Other Historical Dates and Events
11/1/1991J.N. Dixit appointed the next Foreign Secretary.
12/29/1983Gavaskar makes the highest Test Cricket score by an Indian, 236* vs West Indies.
5/8/1990Paul Mantosh and Joss Fernandes take oath as nominated Anglo-Indian members in Lok Sabha.
8/3/1890Sriprakash, freedom fighter, prolific writer and member of the AICC, was born at Varanasi.
6/13/1931Gandhi to live in a garret amongst the poor in London.
2/14/1901Sambamurty Pichhu, music teacher, was born.
5/13/1905Fakruddin Ali Ahmed, the fifth President of India, was born at Delhi.
7/3/1987The Festival of India in the USSR, to be inaugurated, is the largest cultural manifestation to be held by our country.
1/28/1933India in Waldorf Hotel in London read out a four and a half page note in Cambridge.
2/18/1944Bhartiya Gyanpeeth Institute' established.