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Historical Event:
Rangnath Manohar Joshi (Nirmal Guruji), Marathi author, was born.  on 5/26/1916

Rangnath Manohar Joshi (Nirmal Guruji), Marathi author, was born.

Other Historical Dates and Events
1/11/1921Vasudevacharya Kerur, famous Kannad novelist, drama writer and journalist, passed away.
1/4/1937R. Surendranath, cricketer (Indian pace bowler in 11 Tests early 60s), was born in Meerut.
5/17/1995Three North Eastern States removes restricted area permits (RAP).
5/13/1998World Bank cancels India donors meet.
12/31/1929At the Lahore session, under the Presidentship of Jawaharlal Nehru, the Congress adopted a resolution of 'Poorna Swaraj' (Complete Independence), the slogan given by Gandhiji. The tricolour flag of freedom was unfurled and 26th January 1930 was decided to be celebrated as Independence day every year. This session led to Civil Disobedience Movement, Dandi March to break the Salt Law, etc.
5/19/1796Game protection law restricts encroachment on Indian hunting grounds.
5/4/1923Mrinal Sen, famous film director, was born.
2/25/1962India Congress Party wins elections.
12/30/1949India recognizes People's Republic of China.
10/10/1952US mediator Frank Graham told the U.N. Security Council that there was a possibility of war between India and Pakistan over Kashmir.