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Historical Event on 1/24/1921

T. N. Raina, former Army Chief and High Commissioner of Canada, was born.

Other Historical Dates and Events
8/15/1947The Indian independence divided not only the country but its armed forces as well. These units came down and their equipment was transferred to the newly created Royal Pakistan Air Force. Thus, the principal components of the Royal Indian Air Force, during the partition, were nos. 3, 4, 7, 8 and 10 Squadrons with Tempest US, No. 2 Squadron with Spitfires and No. 12 Squadron with C-47s and No. 1 Air Observation Flight (AOF). The establishment of this AOF with AOP Auster 4s, 5s and 6s, coincided with independence. No. 6 Squadron, which had been in process of converting from Spitfires to C-47s at Drigh Road, had been stood down and its transports transferred to Pakistan.
5/27/1964Gulzarilal Nanda was entrusted the responsibility as Acting Prime Minster of India. He held this office till June 9, 1964. He is till date the only Acting Prime Minster of India.
7/2/1993Delhi High Court stays the Lok Sabha Speaker's order disqualifying four Janata Dal MPs under the anti-defection law.
10/26/1932Indian Muslim leader demands that Gandhi be released from prison. The Viceroy responded that this was only possible if Gandhi disassociated himself from the civil disobedience campaign.
2/2/1978Mahakavi G. Sankara Kurup, Malayalam poet, the first receipent of ""Gyanpeeth Puraskar (Award)"", and many other awards, passed away.
5/29/1947Establishment of Indian Standard Institution.
10/29/1935Narendra Kumar Chhajerh, great industrialist, was born.
5/19/1979Pandit Hajari Prasad Dwivedi passed away.
8/1/1927Dr. Rahi Masoom Raza, famous Hindi litterateur, was born.
8/13/1951Acharya Kishoridas Vajpayee passed away.