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Apex Prime Unveils HASTINAPUR - A Saga of Power, Deceit, and Friendship

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Apex Prime, a leading name in the realm of digital entertainment, has launched the official trailer of "HASTINAPUR" during a spectacular event. Produced by Varchaswaa Media and directed by Soumyajit Ganguly and Soumita Das, Apex Prime CEO, the web series is now available for streaming exclusively on the Apex Prime OTT platform. "HASTINAPUR" weaves a tale of power struggles and complex friendships, where a group of friends find themselves entangled in a dangerous game of blackmail.

The series features a stellar cast including Shiva Rindhani, Paras Madaan, Shweta Khanduri, Rituraj K Singh, and Shiny Dixit in lead roles, with Ravi Bhatia, Akhtar Siddique, Tejdeep Gill, and Rohit KP delivering compelling performances. Shweta Khanduri takes on the pivotal role of Mrs. Sangeeta Mishra, the main female protagonist.

Renowned actor Shiva Rindani, portraying a formidable antagonist, brings over four decades of experience to the screen. His character, the brother of a prominent MLA and a mafia don, harbors ambitions of seizing power for himself, setting the stage for a climactic showdown.

Shiny Dixit, sharing her excitement about the project, emphasized the enriching experience of working alongside accomplished actors. Her character, Seema, undergoes a transformation from innocence to entanglement in a criminal web, ultimately finding love amidst the chaos.

Rituraj K Singh, essaying the role of Aditya Narayan, expressed his enthusiasm for this unique character. He lauded the series for its commitment to realism, ensuring each character resonates with authenticity.

Paras Madaan, embracing the persona of Gattu, a chain-smoker, displayed his versatility as an actor. He extended gratitude to the entire team for their support and invited viewers to immerse themselves in the series on Apex Prime.

Tejdeep Gill, as Inspector Sharat Choudhury, and Rohit KP, portraying Santosh, add depth and intensity to the storyline, rounding out an ensemble cast that promises an enthralling viewing experience.

The entire team of "HASTINAPUR" invites audiences to download Apex Prime and embark on this riveting journey. CEO Soumita Das revealed that Apex Prime is set to unveil a host of exciting new series in the near future. It's an absolutely subscription-free app.


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